[NBLUG/Announce] NBLUG Elections? Yes! New web site? Yes! Docs? Yes!

ME dugan at nblug.org
Thu Jun 5 16:31:01 PDT 2003

Hello NBLUG Members!
(This message sent to both lists.)

NBLUG is going through some changes. We hope you like them. :-)

(See end of message for details.)

#1 We have bylaws to help us be more organized and open about our
operation: http://www.nblug.org/docs/bylaws.html
(Some minor changes to wording will be included after we get suggested
changes from Bill and Kat and then ratify them.)

#2 We have a constitution to help document our new structure and let
people know how it is expected to work and encourage participation in
making things work:
(Some minor changes to wording will be included after we get suggested
changes from Bill and Kat and then ratify them.)

*** If you dont like something in either of the above, contact a board
member so it can be discussed at the next board meeting.

#3 We have a new website format to replace our present website. To get a
sneak peek, check out:
  * Better organization and separation
  * Look/feel similar to other sites
  * Works in lynx, as well as graphical browser
  * Does not use frames
  * Search feature to search our web contents and web docs
  * Search archived email messages for our two lists!
  * Expanded links (Thanks to Frank Ball and user submissions)
  * Validated to be true HTML 4.0 by w3c
  * Plus much much more....

 We realize the copyright is an obviously strange item. We are working on
selecting a GPL-like licensing for all web content.

 New site will replace old site this Friday evening.

 Send initial bug reports to ME for this new site.

#4 Be on the lookout for a new InstallFest (brought to you by Greg!) It is
looking like it will be on a Saturday in September. More later from Greg.

#5 Several other kewl ideas in the works thanks to Eric, Augie, and
others. Expect to see more information on these later.

#6 If you have read our new constitution, you will note that we have
several elected positions. (such as President, Vice President, Scribe,
Treasurer etc.)

If you want to run for an office, or nominate someone to run for an
office, then make your nomination in PUBLIC on the nblug talk list being
sure to include the following text in your subject:


Any nomination not conforming the the above (using the above subject and
sent to the talk list for nblug) will not be considered valid. Later, a
summary list will be provided listing all nominations with offices. A
short period will permit corrections to the list.

If you wish to nominate more than one person for an office, place all of
your nominations in one message.
NOTE: In order to vote, you will need to have been subscribed to one of
the NBLUG lists (announce or talk) before 11:00pm on June 4, 2003. At that
time, a complete list of all email addresses was pulled from these lists
to generate a list of all NBLUG users by e-mail. (One vote per email
Nominations will be open for 3 weeks. Information on how to vote will be
provided later. (We will likely have a web-based voting system.)

If you would like to ask questions about any of the above, you can try
doing so on-list, or wait until the *end* of our Tuesday meeting. We'll
try to reserve 10 to 15 minutes for open questions and discussion.

Acting President

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