Old computers needing home

Sebastian Mindling list at mindling.com
Wed Feb 9 10:25:52 PST 2000

Hi folks. I think there used to be a place in San Rafael that would take
old computer equipment for scrapping. Does anyone know if this type of
establishment exists anywhere in the north bay? I know there's a place
on S.R. Ave, (www.crc.org) who say they take old stuff for like a buck a
box. Anyone know anywhere else? What do others do with their piles of
old fuzzy VGA monitors, PS2 386's and the like?

On that note, I have some working IBM PS2s (286/386), free to any home
if you or someone you love wants some old hardware to play with.

Sebastian Mindling
http://www.mindling.com         http://www.lithocraft.com

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