Linux Ready for Prime Time?

ME dugan at
Tue Jun 20 21:36:32 PDT 2000

On Tue, 20 Jun 2000, Devin Carraway wrote:
> 	Linux' big edge in GUI is the level of customizability; we're not tied
> to any GUI, so an OEM can make their own desktop to a particular need.  That
> makes it good for appliances &c.  Recall that MSFT got slapped around for
> forcing the OEMs to accept its own GUI, rather than putting simplified shells
> on top of it for newbies, which several OEMs had already done. 

In speaking to Andru the other day, I came up with an analogy on just this

Windows users are rather stuuck with what they get; they have little room
for wiggling.

Linux user can modify their desktops to the point it does not resemble any
other window manager.

If a Microsoft Colony ship with MS Users encountered a planet to colonize,
they would all wear the same environmental suits. These suits would allow
for the wearer to change the temperature, dim the visor, and turn on a
helmet top light. Occasionally, a suit would have a problem. This would
force the wearer to get out of the suit and back into it. Serious suit
problems for the older suits might case terminal failure and loss of yet
another colonist. A bright blue light projecting images inside their visor
would offer the tell-tale signs of the failure.

If a Linux Colony ship with GNU Linux users encountered a planet to
colonize, they would first scan it, and then terraform it. Once it was
terraformed, they would colonize their planet. The suit would not be
needed. (A suit would also limit motility and motion.)  Later they would
create a weather control system, and further improve the environment of
the planet to make the planet's environment fit the needs of the users. 

It is a good question to ask of people:

Would you rather adapt to your environment, or adapt your environment to
fit your needs and likes?


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