RedHat 7.1 upgrade

E Frank Ball frankb at
Sun Apr 29 17:33:32 PDT 2001

} A quick note about upgrading 7.0 to 7.1
} System: k6-2 500, tnt2, 196MB ram
} I hadn't tried the "upgrade" option since having little success in the past,
} even on minor version upgrades (5.0 > 5.1 is the last upgrade that i
} tried)
} This time it went about as smooth as one could ask for.
} The installer did lock up after upgrading the last of the packages, but upon
} reboot and a fscheck, everything seems to be working flawlessly.

That's two of us that had an installer lock up.  Mine was ok after reboot and
fschk also, but it never got to the network config (fresh install).

Also they now setup so that sendmail only listens on port  Good for security, bad for getting mail.

   E Frank Ball                efball at

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