ntpd root exploit

Scott Doty scott at sonic.net
Thu Apr 12 09:31:08 PDT 2001

On Wed, Apr 11, 2001 at 08:25:02PM -0700, ME wrote:
> For networking ISO OSI 7 layer model ++: 
> http://mike.passwall.com/networking/
> (Also has other networking topics described such as different between
> simplex, half duplex, full duplex, unicast, broadcast etc.) As I have free
> time, I continue to add more to it. The hottest items based on hits are
> the 5 layer model and 7 layer model. Also covered are decomposition of
> TCP, UDP, and ICMP packet headers.

Snazzy. :)

There are also a few docs that folks may be interested in here:



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