Deja Vu all over again

ME dugan at
Sun Apr 1 01:00:10 PST 2001

On Sat, 31 Mar 2001, John F. Kohler wrote:
> I did re-install the old NIC but tried to run it on the current installation
> of redhat.
> I returned the "new" NIC to the current installation..

> I put in the old NIC but was unable to determine the setting of its IRQ
> or io/port, without being able to use the NIC installation and testing
> software. The floppy that I had with the old card (and Accton card)
> has been damaged.

Bummer of a loss there. During installation, some amount of auto-probing
actually works. The old card may be detetcted, and the default settings
may allow it to sense the io and IRQ resources. However, this assumes you
want to skip more testing with the new card.

If you have the NIC configuration disk for the "new" card, try running it
to see if it allows you to change it from PnP to manual configuration and
what other interface specific changes can be made to it in this tool.

> I have 2 terminal windows on the linux, one pinging my Mac LC and the other pinging the iMac.
> both are running continuously

They are running continuously - meaning they are getting positive
responses in Linux?

As yet another test, try seeing if you can get a macintosh
"ping/taceroute" tool. I would be interested if the Mac thinks it can ping
your Linux box. (Unlikely that it would not be able to ping the linux box
while the linux box states it is pinging the mac, but worth checking -
this is postly for a linux interface/driver test.)

If you open a 3rd window, and started pinging the gateway do you see times
where the gateway/router is unreachable while the other macs continue to
respond from the linux box?

Also, do you have "dhcpdc" or "pump" running on your new linux box?:
# ps -auxw | grep "dhcp"
# ps -auxw | grep "pump"

Anything back from these other than another "#" prompt?

Do you know of any other networking software/processes/service that you
might be running with security as part of their name or network
configuration in linux?

> I would like to know if my new NIC floppy will test the old NIC.

Probably not - unless they are from the same manufacturer and/or same

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