Broken NFS server (or client?)

Mark Street jet at
Wed Aug 8 21:14:48 PDT 2001

At 06:42 PM 8/8/2001 -0700, you wrote:
>Both the client and server are using Linux kernel 2.4.7, and the server is 
>set up with a kernel-based NFS v3 daemon.  The client is set up with 
>kernel-based network auto-configuration using DHCP, the kernel is 
>configured to have a root filesystem via NFS, and the IP address of the 
>server is in the LILO configuration.  Everything seems to work except for 
>the NFS connection.

Hmmm, this has me wondering....are you using.....  ip=<autoconf> for the 
kernel parameter .  Do the NIC's initialize with proper IP settings on both 

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