More on direction of Holywood to adopt Linux

troy fryman at
Wed Aug 15 23:20:50 PDT 2001

One of my recent favorites is this one:,4164,2797645,00.html

Summary: Korean Air has moved their crew scheduling system and some
accounting stuff to Linux on an IBm mainframe.
Not exactly glamorous, but it's pretty mission-critical.

The article also mentions a few other high profile rollouts, mostly of the
mainframe variety.  (A flavor of Linux of which i was previously unaware)


On Wed, Aug 15, 2001 at 09:58:22PM -0700, ME wrote:

> <a href=",2109,154679|technology|082001::21:17|reuters,00.html">,2109,154679|technology|082001::21:17|reuters,00.html</a>
> (Converted to html link to avoid issues with wrapping)
> Big ticket uses of Linux in high-profile locations are good to point to
> and say, "See?! Linux is used here, and here and there." when less
> informed , less technical people ask, "so what good is it? How does it
> help me?"

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