Ooooops, No authentication RH7.2

Mark Street jet at
Sun Nov 4 09:10:58 PST 2001

Well, I found that the /etc/pam.d/login config as incorrect.  I replaced
my old login.rpmsave in its place and all authentication works fine.

I guess one of the lines in the login config for pam must have been
incorrect = no authentication,  Funny thing though.... you never can tell
with upgrades....  cross your fingers.

On Sun, 4 Nov 2001, Mark Street wrote:

> I upgraded another box to RH 7.2 lastnight and on reboot I was not able to
> login to any of my accounts......even root.
> I am able to boot into single and use the passwd facilities to update
> passwords.  However on runlevel change to 3 or reboot I cannot login from
> the login prompt.
> I checked the logs and all I can garnish is an authentication error, no
> specifics.  I took a peek at pam and it has changed a bit to different
> modules and configuration.  I do have the upgrade.log but nothing stands
> out as unusual.
> This box is one of my long standing UPgraders, it has progressed from RH
> 5.0 > 7.2 through each upgrade.  Other than not being able to authenticate
> the system is working fine. : |
> Any ideas?

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