mirror FTP down?

Kevin Jamieson derf at sonic.net
Fri Oct 19 12:11:38 PDT 2001

> OK, then it ties in with another problem that I might as well bring up here, in case we have any Bind9 gurus. ;)  On our DNS, both the forward and reverse files have the same expire/retry/etc values.  However, the secondary/slave DNS's are only picking up the new forward file changes normally, and not slaving down the reverse lookups for the zone.
> Now, obviously I could what the reverse file on the secondarys and force a transfer, but I'd like to know why the reverse zone doesn't slave like the forward?

This isn't much help for the situation, but it just struck me as odd that my
solution to problems I was having with BIND a couple of months ago was
getting laid off from one job, and getting another one where they don't use

No, seriously, we don't.  Ok, maybe for a couple machines.  

I am getting actively stupider every time I type in an IP address.  And
don't get me started on hardcoded scripts.

(Back to your regularly scheduled programming)

(oh please holy geez let me use DNS like a sane admin)

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