wu-ftp limit command time field

Joseph McCarty jatlee at pacbell.net
Sun Apr 21 15:55:09 PDT 2002

Having scoured L.sys documentation, wu-ftp.org's Web and ftp sites and discussion archives, I still haven't found a format that works for the <time> field of a limit command in /etc/ftpaccess.

I need to limit a class of all anonymous users to <n> logins for Midnight through 5 pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Perhaps my test method is in error.  To test my attempts, I have 3 xterm sessions open as root.  I have "vi /etc/ftpaccess" in one, which I write after each change.  In my "limit" stanza I have <n> set to 1, and try various <time> syntaxes (comma delimited, as specified in L.sys docs, runon, and Pipe symbol delimited).  I run "ftp localhost" in the other two sessions, logging in as "anonymous."  I am able to get in in the second ftp session in each case.


Joe McCarty
jatlee at pacbell.net

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