Mark Street jet at sonic.net
Wed Apr 3 10:18:12 PST 2002

 From the ncftp prompt type    set passive on
See if you can do an ls then.....

What kernel are you using?, firewall rules code? exclusion ruleset or 
inclusion ruleset.  Stock 7.2 used 2.4.7-something or another I believe 
which still supports ipchains, when it went to 2.4.9 support for ipchains 
gave way to iptables.

See man ncftp and ~/.ncftp/prefs as a work around by setting the passive= 
ENV variable for the client.  Not a fix but a work around..... until you 
solve the kernel/firewall issue.

At 04:29 PM 4/2/2002 -0800, Christopher Wagner wrote:

>I've got another question I was hoping people might be able to help me
>I'm getting this error message.  The ports (20 and 21) are wide open on both
>boxes thru ipchains, ftp is running on the server (wu-ftpd on a fresh
>install of Redhat 7.2) and it's going through xinetd.
>ncftp /home/chrisw > ls
>connect failed: Connection refused.
>Falling back to PORT instead of PASV mode.
>List failed.
>ncftp /home/chrisw >
>Any ideas?

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