Open Discussion - RedHat vs Debian

Caleb Clark clarkc at
Thu Apr 4 13:08:35 PST 2002

Hey guys, been along time since ive talked to any of you. I was at a few
of the first meetings.

Heard from Coop that there was a big discussion on redhat vs.
debian/slack. And I just recently made the move myself from redhat to

Anyhow my points for moving are:
1.	Install - less cooky, to me debian was much smoother
2.	Post Install - Look at number of processes running on a debian
box after typical install compared to redhat, With redhat I was
seeing up to and beyond 30 procs. With debian, its just the essentials.
Gettys, init, and a few loggers.
3.	redhat 7.x busted - all I have to say about xinetd /barf. I know
several ppl that had terrible problems trying to get that to work.
Mainly tftp, telnet, ftpd etc. I couldent stand it.
4.	Redhat became trendy - So what, but.. All those little helpers
that are being intalled, the hardware detecto thingy at boot and
stuff. This is Linux - not windows thank you very much.
5.	RPM is cool, I cant say anything bad about that, but... Apt is
pretty dern awsome too!

Also - 95% of what I do with linux is in a ethernet+power cord only
enviroment... Servers. Few workstations. 
Debian I would recommend 100% for anyone that is familiar with linux or
using in a server enviroment.
For ppl that are starting out, Redhat or some derivative would be the
way to go.

And again, im jumping in to the middle of a conversation, I feel pretty
strongly about this choice, so let em fly ;)

-- Caleb Clark 

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