Open Discussion - RedHat vs Debian

Mark Street jet at
Fri Apr 5 12:01:57 PST 2002

I am still gritting my teeth and holding my tongue on this one...  Thanks Troy.

Reminds me of the old days when I rode a Suzuki MX bike and all my biker 
buddies had Yamaha's and Honda's, we would sit around at break and lunch 
and shoot the poo poo about which one sucked harder.

Many desert trips and Supercross series later......

When it comes down to it, the machines differ slightly, it is the man on 
the machine that wins the race.  Men change rides for economic reasons and 
not because of the name of the machine.

Free BSD if you can make it past the install, beats all these Linux distros 
to hell as far as updates and upgrades go.  Speed..... no contest...BSD.

I run them all..... but I prefer the RedHat ride.

At 06:18 PM 4/4/2002 -0800, tengel wrote:

>Ok, I don't tend to join many "mine is bigger than yours" discussions, but 
>somehow I'm feeling like responding.  I'll probably regret it.  But 
>anyways, here goes:

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