KDE 3 kicks

Mark Street jet at sonic.net
Sun Apr 7 21:44:47 PDT 2002

Compaq 1800 P3 600, 128M running RH 7.2, was running KDE 2.2.1 from KDE.

NOTE KDE 3 uses cups(print server) which is distributed with all the RPMS
from KDE.  I already had CUPS installed on my machine generated from an
rpm source from cups.org.  If you want to use it just remove LPRng and
printconf and printconf-gui or whatever you are running and install away.

I thought about the install and looked at a few of the suggestions I could

I downloaded all the RPM packages into 1 dir and did the following.

1.  Made sure my 'rpm' package(s) were up to date.
2.  Moved the international fonts out of my KDE package directory.
3.  Performed an RPM upgrade with --nodeps and --force .....  I know...
4.  Removed kdeutils as this package is deprecated. rpm -e kdeutils
5.  Removed kdesdk and kdesdk-devel. rpm -e kdesdk kdesdk-devel
6.  Removed the old kdebindings for perl and python. rpm -e
kdebindings-perl kdebindings-python

Done...  I have gone through my rpm database and no KDE 2.2.1 stuff that I
can see.

Just upgraded the wife's server tonight no prob cheapo Emachines Celeron
466 with 512M of RAM, RH 7.2.

On Sun, 7 Apr 2002, augie wrote:

> mark,
> i've heard different suggestions for installing kde3. did you remove the previous kde install first or did you leave all the old packages too?
> --augie
> On Sat, 6 Apr 2002 23:28:53 -0800 (PST)
> Mark Street <jet at sonic.net> wrote:
> #
> # Installed KDE 3 on my laptop today...  Really nice stuff, Kmail is much
> # more feature rich with all sorts of goodies.  On the fly web document
> # translation to English from many languages.  Integration of
> # application/file associations.  Nice 3D and transparent look and feel to
> # menus and windows.  Fast....  Kewl, powered by a Linux Addict wall paper.
> # Animated icons that react very smoothly to a mouse over.
> #
> # CUPs integration for printing, CD burner, all kinds of nice stuff.
> #

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