Fixed version of Apache 1.3 available (fwd)

ME dugan at
Wed Jun 19 09:28:50 PDT 2002

New modssl on Jun 19 11:35:28, mod_ssl-2.8.9-1.3.26.tar.gz


Version: 3.12
GCS/CM$/IT$/LS$/S/O$ !d--(++) !s !a+++(-----) C++$(++++) U++++$(+$) P+$>+++ 
L+++$(++) E W+++$(+) N+ o K w+$>++>+++ O-@ M+$ V-$>- !PS !PE Y+ !PGP
t at -(++) 5+@ X@ R- tv- b++ DI+++ D+ G--@ e+>++>++++ h(++)>+ r*>? z?
decode: about:

On Tue, 18 Jun 2002, ME wrote:
> (I lied, here is one follow-up to this)
> Latest mod_dav is 1.0.3-1.3.6 from 05-Nov-2001
> No news yet on mod_ssl but the question have been raised asking about its
> next release for working with apache_1.3.26
> If someone else does not post that here, perhaps I'll pass notice. If
> anyone else notices the new mod_ssl version before me, I think there are
> at least 4 others on this list who would want to know about it.

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