Linux on an iMac?

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Thu Mar 7 01:17:39 PST 2002

I installed SuSe Linux for PPC on my dual 450 mhz G4 and it works quite
nice. I use yaboot- this has some information on booting powerpc from a

I am super interested in your progress; keep me posted.


on 3/6/02 5:57 PM, Lincoln Peters at lincoln_peters at wrote:

> I should clarify what I mean by a "less drastic" solution.  I'm thinking
> that if I can run Linux on an iMac, I could netboot it off of my new server,
> just like I oculd netboot an NT workstation from the server.  Of course,
> I'll need a separate installation for PPC-compiled binaries, but thanks to
> Tom Rowe, I now have the capacity to do that.
> I don't intend to erase the hard drives on the iMacs and put Linux on them.
> If I did that, I'd be potentially creating a lot more problems than I'd be
> solving.
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>> Subject: Linux on an iMac?
>> Date: Wed, 06 Mar 2002 17:00:02 -0800
>> There are quite a few iMacs at RCHS, and they have a security program
>> called
>> On Guard, which makes a feeble attempt at providing UNIX-level security on
>> MacOS (prior to MacOS X, at least).  However, On Guard causes all sorts of
>> performance and stability problems, not to mention that it's a pain to get
>> anything done when it does work.  If I could get a boot CD for a Mac, I
>> could disable On Guard easily, but I hope to find a less drastic solution.
>> I know that Linux can run on some PowerPC-based systems.  Has anyone tried
>> running Linux on such a system?  Can anyone recommend a particular distro
>> for PPC systems?  Are there any issues that I should know about before I
>> try
>> it?
>> Also, is there anything available that would let me emulate a PPC system on
>> my Athlon computer at home (something similar to VMWare, but for virtual
>> Macs)?
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