What's an Install Fest?

Christopher Wagner chrisw at pacaids.com
Mon Nov 11 13:48:31 PST 2002

A newer version of X might solve your video problem.  I would recommend
upgrading to a newer release fo Redhat, but most likely the computer will
not run very quickly on a new version, too many CPU intensive features and
the like in graphics mode.  Is 1024x768 on your laptop just slow?  Or is
there actual problems with the display?  You can edit your XF86Config file
in the Display section for your card to change the resolution down to a
lower resolution.  I think XF86Config is in /etc/X11/, although it may just
be /etc/XF86Config.  It's been awhile since I've used 6.2.

As far as recompiling the kernel, recompiling the kernel in Redhat can be a
little tricky, you must make sure that you get the kernel sources from
Redhat.  Usually just getting a newer compiled kernel from Redhat with all
the appropriate modules and whatnot is probably a good idea unless there is
specific hardware you are trying to support that the kernel or the kernel
modules provided are not supporting.

In any case, I wish you luck.  If you are still having difficulties, a Linux
Installfest is probably an excellent place to get support.  There is also
some wonderful resources for Linux on the net.  http://www.linuxdocs.org/
and Redhat has quite a few resources on their site for Redhat Network

- Christopher Wagner
chrisw at pacaids.com

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From: Shorter Rankin [mailto:nitehawk999 at earthlink.net]
Sent: Saturday, November 09, 2002 1:28 AM
To: talk at nblug.org
Subject: What's an Install Fest?

Please pardon a dumb(?) question
from a Linux newbie. What's an
install-fest? I've got Redhat 6.2
running on an IBM TP 600 with
a 4 gig drive all devoted to
Linux. This is just barely
installed and I haven't
recompiled the kernel yet.
Command line stuff works
as expected but X Windows
is just awful. This laptop
will do 1024 x 768  in OS/2
but  I never should have
selected that resolution
for X. The video card
is NeoMagic and as I understand it
SuperProbe has to guess about

Unfortunately I have the machine
configured to start X automagically
on startup. Is there any way to
change that back to a command
line startup - or should I just
delete everything and bring
the laptop to an
'Install Fest'?


Shorter Rankin

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