present efforts on my HP laptop

John Kohler jkohler2 at
Fri Nov 15 17:44:30 PST 2002

Hello ME,
Thanks for the suggestion.  Since my last message, I have found that 
this laptop has the latest version available from HP (telephone tech 
support who only do windows). It is
KA.M1.20   and a new one may not be out for 6 months or more.

Nonethe less, your suggestions are helpful and I will save them.


ME wrote:

>ME said:
>>1) use a friend's, work, school, or *other* machine running windows to
>>get the program to run to make the BIOS upgrade diskette. or
>>2) try the route of dosemu (not for the novice)
>>3) see if the upgrade application is just a specialized self extracting
>>zip file. You can try this by using "unzip" from bash in Linux if you
>>have zip/unzip installed. If this is the case, you may be able to
>>extract the necessary boot files to floppy without DOS/Windows. or
>>4) if the diskette writing application is not compressed, you can try to
>>search for the contents of the image inside the app, seek passed the
>>executable code to just the data, and then write that out to disk. (not
>>for novice) ...
>Sorry, I left this part out...
>Once you get the data extracted into file format, or onto a loopback
>mounted floppy disk image, You can use that to make a bootable CD. (Needs
>the image of the floppy to be bootable, or the image from the floppy needs
>to come from a floppy that is bootable). Then, you can boot from the
>bootable CD tyo do the upgrade.
>(Sorry to omit this critical step in my original post *after* you are able
>to extract the data to a floppy ande/or get the files.)

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