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Sy Richardson sy at fivestartel.com
Tue Apr 27 23:22:26 PDT 2004

just joined your group and am looking forward to learning linux. 

1.i am wondering where you would suggest that i go to learn the basics of linux. there is a great learning center called webtorials.com for networking, voip, etc and i was wondering if such a resource existed for the linux community. perhaps a certain library book in the sonoma system. 

i have seem some tutorials but they all assume varying levels of linux prequal. i guess i need to start at the very beginning.... pretty fast learner.

2. i have installed redhat 7.3 and want to upgrade to redhat 9.0. i downloaded and burned the 3 CD images from redhat but the upgrade screen eludes me. i also put the bootdisk.img on CD #1. hmmm. i must admit i downloaded and burned the images on a xp machine because the linux was not cooperating yet. is this the problem?

any advice would be great. 


sy r
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