[NBLUG/talk] extended fs

sms at sonic.net sms at sonic.net
Tue Dec 14 22:06:52 PST 2004

> > Being fairly new to Linux I have some very basic questions.  If this is
> > not the place to ask, please point me in the proper directions. Thanks.
> This is the correct place to ask.

Well, this is *one* correct place to ask... ;-)

One of the things I've discovered about Linux is
that the community has an extraordinarily high
degree of friendliness/helpfulness.  NBLUG is
just one such place, but there are quite a few
others!  (Of course, that's not to say that linux
has a 0% rate of "RTFM curmudgeons"!  Just that
even moderate patience should find more of the
more-helpful sort than the less-helpful).

I note your "motorola.com" address, and a quick
Google of "motorola linux" shows that motorola
has a non-trivial suite of linux offerings in the
marketplace; I suspect you can find some experts
closer than you think!  ;-)   It's always nice to
have multiple resources, including one or more who
are "just down the hall".

- Steve S.

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