[NBLUG/talk] fedora core 3

Mark Street mark at oswizards.com
Wed Dec 15 08:32:52 PST 2004

Sigh, blush..yes... probably a bad burn or a mislabel.

Get in contact with me off list and I will get you another, good #2.

On Tuesday 14 December 2004 22:04, Caven Marilyn-MGIA4523 wrote:
> Started to install FC3 on a system at home and when it came time to install
> CD #2 (please insert Fedora Core disc 2 to continue) the install program
> didn't like the CD #2 Mark made (That's not the correct Fedora Core CDROM)
> so I downloaded the iso and made my own CD and I get the same error.
> Anybody else have that problem?

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