[NBLUG/talk] color printer recommendation needed

Jim Bianchi jimbo at sonic.net
Sun Feb 8 21:49:01 PST 2004

	I'd like to get a color printer so as to be able to make prints
from my digital camera. I'm using RH 8 on both systems (laptop & biggie).
Heretofore my printers have all printed BOTH colors -- black and white
<grin>, so I'm at a complete loss when trying to evaluate a color printer
for use with Linux only -- I'm not a windoze type.

	I've seen the compatibility lists and there are sure a lot of ptrs
on them. However, there is compatibility and there is compatibility, so I
tho't I'd pick you guys brains to find out what YOU use, how easy it was
to get it up and running, how much it costs, downsides and upsides.

	Speed isn't all that much of a factor (within reason). I'd like to
be able to print images to at least 8x10 but 11x16 would be much better.
Ideas? Cost? What drivers are needed and from where can they be had? I'll
prob have to bug you all more when it comes install time, but heyyyy. It's
not like you had anything else to do, right? <BIG grin>

jimbo at sonic.net       Jim Bianchi   Santa Rosa   California

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