[NBLUG/talk] [OT] Sql*Plus wrapper/Alternative?

Devin Carraway nblug-talk-list at devin.com
Mon Feb 9 02:05:02 PST 2004

[ callously breaking threading ]

On Sunday, February 8, 2004, at 07:05 PM, Rob Orsini wrote:
>I just started a new job where I use Oracle 9i and it's command
>line interface Sql*Plus. I guess I've been spoiled by the user friendly
>front ends to Postgres and MySQL that have such features as
>command history and pretty, formatted output. I'm wondering if there
>is an alternative command line interface that is a little more like 
>I'm used to. Oracle DBA's in the house? What do you use?

sqlplus is a crime before all humanity.  Or at least the longstanding
distribution of that thing in a world featuring modern termcaps and GNU
readline certainly is.

I suggest YaSQL as a replacement for sqlplus.  Most of the same
functionality, with readline, output paging/redirection, tab completion,
editing of queries via $EDITOR, etc.  It's not quite Postgres' psql, but
it's decent.


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