[NBLUG/talk] DNS server: Do I need my own server?

Dave Sisley dsisley at arczip.com
Thu Feb 19 08:43:00 PST 2004


I recently got DSL from sonic with a static IP address, so I've set up
a webserver and it's working great.  I decided I also might as well
get a real domain name, since it would be cruel to make my mother
memorize the numerical IP address.

So I registered a domain name through godaddy.com and at the part of
the form where you need to enter Domain Name Servers, I put the
servers I use at sonic.  Well, it's been a few days and the new domain
name does not resolve.  I called godaddy and was told that I need to
have my own server running on my machine.  

This feels like an ignorant question, but how come godaddy can't get
the new domain name entered in sonic's server (which would then cause
the name to propagate to other servers)?  

As a follow-up question, if I do go ahead and set up DNS on my
machine, what else do I need to do besides reset the server addresses
I gave godaddy to get the new domain name to resolve?  And can anybody
recommend a good document source for setting up a DNS server?

Thanks in advance.


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