[NBLUG/talk] USB hotplugging locking up during startup

William Tracy afishionado1 at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 1 18:06:11 PDT 2004

I'm playing with a USB infrared mouse. SuSE 9.0 locks
up when starting hotplugging for USB if the mouse is
plugged in during boot up (it says "starting
hotplugging services", and goes down the list of
services, then freezes right after printing out

If I unplug the mouse and restart, Linux boots
alright. If I plug the mouse in after X has started,
the computer beeps and the mouse works fine. Linux
seems to also lock when starting USB hotplugging even
if no USB devices are plugged in if I don't have a
PS/2 mouse plugged in.

SuSE's install CD also locks if I boot from it with
the USB mouse plugged in. Knoppix has no problems with
it at all.

This is a little annoying, but I think I can live with
it. I just wondered if anyone here had any ideas. I
searched through SuSE's online database and didn't
turn up anything useful. Google turned up a post (I
lost the url) by someone who seemed to claim that SuSE
was aware of the problem and "working on a fix".


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