[NBLUG/talk] got vpn?

Christopher Wagner chrisw at pacaids.com
Mon Jun 7 11:16:12 PDT 2004

Hi David.

What kind of bandwidth are you working with?

I've used Netopia routers in several different situations and have have
fairly good luck.  The R-910 router is, I believe, in your price range and
seems to fit your requirements.  Their IPsec implementation is not the worst
by far, as well, and plays fairly well with other IPsec devices and software
(I've tested it with Linksys, Sonicwall, Windoze).  The Netopia routers do
not include a seperate crypto-processor until you're paying quite a bit
more.  If you're handling lots of bandwidth, then you're best off getting a
router with a sepereate crypto-processor.  In which case, the Snapgears that
Devin mentions, are probably a safe bet as I believe they are more
cost-effective for the crypto-processor.

Good luck!

- Chris
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I want to set up a VPN here (Petaluma) and in NYC, and am trying
to figure out which routers to buy. [1]

I currently have an old SonicWall hardware box, but they make you
purchase keys for more than a small # of IP addresses, upgrading
to VPN, and so on.


* $100-$200 per unit
* can handle more than one incoming VPN session at a time
* emails log files to me, or talks to syslog
* no artificially small limit on IP addresses (dole out
enough via DHCP to keep every machine in the house happy, even
if they are running things like Virtual PC processes with
their own IP addr)
* don't need wireless, got enough APs as it is

I'm not keen on having a dedicated Linux box with 2 NICs for this,
unless it was a diskless (noise...) unit with a really small form factor.

The New York folks recently talked about this:



Any locals have experience with this?


[1] to be used for:
home to home
wireless (T-Mobile, free wireless, etc.) tunnel -> Home -> Net

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