[NBLUG/talk] MendoLUG, Guests: NOVELL / SuSE 9.1, Wed June 16

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Tue Jun 8 21:43:35 PDT 2004

All Welcome...

Any DavisLUG Lurkers ?

The next General Meeting of the Mendocino Linux Users Group will be

Wed, June 16th, 2004 from 7 - 9 pm

Hampton Inn, Ukiah CA

Special Guests: NOVELL !

Door Prizes !

Come and see the new SuSE 9.1 desktop!

Challenge :  Each member from our 1st meeting, please bring one new member

Today's focus:  More on how to get your hands on SuSE Linux

By Dave Kearns

A few issues ago, I told you how to get your hands on a free
copy of the SuSE Enterprise Server 8 operating system to try it
out before Novell's Open Enterprise server ships this fall.
Unfortunately, this offer is only for those with an in-force
maintenance or upgrade protection agreement with Novell - and
not all of those qualify.

Novell Small Business Suite (SBS) maintenance and upgrade
protection customers are - so far - not eligible for this
promotion. I say "so far," because Novell is considering
extending the offer to those customers. Talk to your sales rep,
call Novell or visit the SBS Web site

<http://www.novell.com/products/smallbiz/> ) and leave feedback
telling Novell that you're an SBS customer with a maintenance
(or upgrade protection) agreement and you want to be included in
the promotion. Unless Novell hears from you and can gauge your
interest in Linux servers, the promotion isn't likely to be

You could still, of course, download the 90-day evaluation
version of SuSE. That's available to everyone: NetWare customers
with or without maintenance and upgrade agreements as well as
non-NetWare customers.

Some of you, though, won't want to devote scarce resources
(i.e., a PC) to a 90-day eval. So there's one other option that
was pointed out by alert reader Bret Dayley. You can also
download the SuSE Linux 9.1 Live CD. After putting the
downloaded image on a CD, the SuSE operating system boots and
runs completely from the CD, allowing you to try SuSE on your
hardware without changing your hardware's existing operating
system. Just put the Live CD into your CD drive and boot up.
When you're finished testing out SuSE, just remove the CD and
reboot the machine as normal. If you just want to take SuSE
Linux for a test drive, or for testing if your hardware is fully
supported, the Live CD could be the perfect choice.

Because of Novell's heavy use of Java on its Web site, I can't
give you a direct URL to these free downloads, but I can give
you the instructions you need:

1. If you already have a Novell eLogin account, go to
<http://www.novell.com/nps/> and login. (If you don't already
have an account, go to that URL and create one.)
2. Head to <http://download.novell.com/> and click on the radio
button to search by product.
3. Choose the product you want from the dropdown product menu.
For the Live CD, choose "SUSE LINUX." For the 90-day evaluation
products, choose either "SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server" or "SUSE
LINUX Standard Server."

If you decide to purchase the product after using the 90-day
eval, you can simply plug in a registration code. Novell
certainly does seem to want you to get your hands on SuSE.

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