[NBLUG/talk] MendoLUG, Guests: NOVELL / SuSE 9.1, Wed June 16

Bob Blick bblick at sonic.net
Wed Jun 9 08:43:45 PDT 2004

> You could still, of course, download the 90-day evaluation
> version of SuSE.

The ftp install of 9.1 has no 90 day limit. If Novell tries to pull any
crap like that with SuSE in the future, they better watch out.

I think perhaps the enterprise versions, or versions with Novell stuff
bundled in may have a 90-day eval, but the regular distribution is, and
has been, free install. Similar to the network install of Debian, you
download and boot from an iso, and install over the net.

I have 9.1 running on my laptop, and it's very nice. The control panel
just keeps getting better and better, ACPI settings module is even in
there now. It's an all-GUI distro! Also, this version has 2.6 kernel,
seems quite responsive.

Cheerful regards,


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