[NBLUG/talk] Monitoring battery under WM

A'fish'ionado afishionado1 at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 27 16:29:50 PDT 2004

I downloaded wmapm, compiled it without trouble, but
now it won't start. It quits with the message "No APM
support in kernel." Please don't tell me that I have
to recompile my kernel just to check my battery status
under WindowMaker. :-( KBattery works just fine, but I
don't want to use KDE. Why does it work when wmapm
won't? Is there some similar app that will work under
WindowMaker, without adding a kernel module?

I'm running SuSE 9.0, but, alas, I'm in the dorm
(summer session) and my SuSE CDs are at home...

(Who also can't get Emacs or Midnight Commander
installed due to package dependencies ... packages
that are all in the CDs at home ...)

  Version: 3.1
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