[NBLUG/talk] Who can beat this one......

Christopher Wagner chrisw at pacaids.com
Mon Jun 28 11:06:36 PDT 2004

Easier: Have them use synaptic or Red Carpet or some such silly GUI package
manager.  They do work.

Regarding the 4,650 virii..  There was a virus amongst a host of similar
ones a bit back, I don't remember the particular name, that replicated
itself over file-sharing networks along with email and such.  The 4,650
virii that were found were most likely named things that newbies would try
to search for on KaZaA or the like and click on to download without paying
attention to the size of the file, nor the fact that it was executable in a
bad way.  The virii would copy itself to thousands of filenames.  Once I
found well over fourteen thousand of these on one computer, the computer in
question had quite a few folders with "Shared" in the name, so the virus
populated all those folders with it's spawn.

- Chris

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There's a message here. Give apt-get a warm fuzzy icon, script a link 
through the browser, point the browser to a bunch of pictures that look 
like boxes with the apps. linked to them. Point, click, install.

Then again isn't this how those tape worms got installed in the first 


Lincoln Peters wrote:
>>better.  Is there a choice?
> they could just use apt-get.
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