[NBLUG/talk] console screensaver

Steve Johnson srj at adnd.com
Tue Jun 29 08:42:29 PDT 2004

Correction, its the -blank flag =)

$ setterm -blank 0

should turn it off

>From the man page:

       -blank [0-60] (virtual consoles only)
              Sets  the  interval  of  inactivity, in minutes, after which
              screen will be automatically blanked (using APM  if
              Without an argument, defaults to 0 (disable console blanking).


On Tue, Jun 29, 2004 at 08:37:02AM -0700, Bob Blick wrote:
> Does anyone know where the settings are for the console screensaver? The
> one that activates even if no one is logged in? Console, not X.
> Basically I want to defeat it, I have a machine with neither keyboard nor
> mouse, so no way to wake up the monitor, and I want to see the messages,
> but it screenblanks after a few minutes.
> Thanks,
> Bob
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