[NBLUG/talk] MythTV Monster Lives

Cal Herrmann calz at eskimo.com
Wed Mar 10 10:02:00 PST 2004

Sounds great!  How about a presentation at a future nblug meeting?
On Wednesday 10 March 2004 09:43 am, you wrote:
> All the parts were in place, the Fedora Core 1 OS was loaded.  The WinTV
> PVR 250 TV Tuner card arrived on Tuesday, today I have a fully functional
> MythTV box with only some minor tuning of the remote control to consider.
> P4 3.0G 800Mhz Hyperthreaded running smp kernel
> 1G RAM
> 360G of disk 1 - 160G, 2 - 80G  WD ATA 100
> Nvidia GeForce FX 5600 256M RAM
> Hauppauge computer works Inc. WinTV PVR-250
> 5 Channel built in sound chip - using ALSA
> What a slick piece of code these guys and gals have put together.  It
> wasn't easy to navigate through getting it all setup and configured, but
> pure determination and a few meditation sessions really helps.
> http://wilsonet.com/mythtv/index.php
> I found this HOWTO the most enlightening and helpful as it gathers most of
> the mailing list pearls of wisdom and various web references into one
> place.  My installation was a mixture of rpm packages, source rpm packages
> and building from source code.
> The installation includes:
> MythMusic - Rip your own CD's create custom playlists
> MythTV - Watch live - buffers 5G back for rewind of live TV or record shows
> later
> MythVideo - Encode Movies
> MythPictures - drag your pictures off your camera and present slide show
> MythWeather - Weather report for your chosen location
> MythNews - News Feeds from CNN and Linux sites
> MythDVD - play or record your DVD's or VCD's
> MythWeb - Web Browser embedded into MythTV interface
> Wow!!!

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