[NBLUG/talk] Need some help with XWindows

Mark Street jet at sonic.net
Thu Mar 11 18:04:00 PST 2004

On Thursday 11 March 2004 01:50 pm, Todd Cary wrote:
> I messed up my XWindows for one user, "todd".


> If I login as any other 
> user, all is fine, but as "todd", there are some strange shaped
> components on the screen.  I deleted the user "todd" and re-created him,
> but the problem persists.

Describe the components....  What do you see on the screen.

> This appears to be a good opportunity to learn a little more about
> XWindows on my "play computer".   What should I look at?

From the command line as user todd, run 

switchdesk gnome
switchdesk kde

Which ever you prefer.

Then try to start an X session as todd.

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