[NBLUG/talk] Dedicated Linux Servers at Sonic.net

micxz micxz at slashdomain.com
Sat May 15 12:13:15 PDT 2004

> I suppose it depends. Memory is used by running processes, so it would
> depend on what processes you are running, and how much memory they
> will use.

I agree. If you a one man band running your five personal sites with low 
traffic. I would think 256 RAM would be enough. As long as the pages 
were fairly static. And incoming spam email didn't take down your mail 
(I just got booted off a server I was reselling on because the mail 
server "did not have enough resources" to keep up with the incoming spam 
email coming to my domain.) - this is another story/post.

> Serving static pages would be less process intensive, and require less
> memory. Serving dynamic pages would require more resources.


> I have to admit though, that I have never administered any really popular
> web sites.

Me neither, but I do get 800,000 spam email a day. - Micxz

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