[NBLUG/talk] WiFi Cards for laptop and related.

Mark Street mark at oswizards.com
Sat May 29 13:55:39 PDT 2004

Mr. Jan Hearthstone said:
>   Dear people,
>   1) I am looking for a suitable,
> used/seconhand/reconditioned/refurbished/etc. wireless
> PCMCIA card for my Debian based ThinkPad380ED laptop.
>   Does any of you have such? Or know of an Internet
> place I could get one from?


>   2) Where to get an antena(?) that I could boost a
> wireless card's reception? What should I know on the
> subject?

On a pcmcia card???  Just buy one with a stronger radio - Cisco Aeronet
sounds like a winner, I think they have two levels/strengths of radios. 
You want the stronger one, I think it is a model 350.  There may be other
cards with strong radios in them, but Cisco has a good name.

>   3) In general--is there a good source for
> used/seconhand/reconditioned/refurbished/etc. PC
> parts?


>   4)  When IS the next install fest?
>   Thank you, sincerely, Mr. Jan Hearthstone.

Hmmmmm.... got me there..

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