[NBLUG/talk] Networking newbie

Tim Preston timp at sonic.net
Thu Jan 12 12:44:27 PST 2006

"The IP it's grabbing on boot is"

This could be a simple idea but. Wouldn't the card come up as broadcast 
first to find services? This way it would be able to receive broadcasts. 
And, all of its traffic would be broadcast. Like discover mode.

Still, it sounds wierd.


A'fish'ionado wrote:
> I just realized that what's going on is not what I thought was what's
> going on. But I still don't really know exactly what's going on. :-P
> The IP it's grabbing on boot is I was a little surprised
> that the problem didn't go away when I removed dhcp3-client, until I
> realized that's *not* a DHCP-assigned address. :-P
> So, I *know* this is something really simple... but what is it?
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