[NBLUG/talk] Strange problem with Fedora Core 5 (font problem?) ...

Jeff Coffler jeff-list-nblug_talk at taltos.com
Fri Oct 13 16:47:07 PDT 2006

Jeff Coffler wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I've been running Redhat-based distributions for several years - first 
> Redhat 9, then FC2, FC3, FC4, and now FC5.  It's been relatively 
> problem free.
> But now I have a problem that's stumped me.  I think I have some sort 
> of font problem (maybe?), but I'm unsure.

In case this helps:

Log in via the console (despite the messed up fonts) go GNOME works INTO 
root ONLY!
(if I log into other accounts, login works, but the fonts are all 
screwed up)

If I start a vnc session (which happens to use kde), that works to my 
regular (non-root) account.
However, firefox won't work under my account under kde right now, which 
is a bit of a showstopper issue for me (no browsing).  It cores (segv).

I did try removing/reinstalling firefox, and that didn't help my kde 

Suggestions appreciated.

    -- Jeff

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