[NBLUG/talk] Copying video DVD's to disk?

Walter Hansen gandalf at sonic.net
Mon Sep 25 11:29:19 PDT 2006

> I used a Lite-On DVD recorder to record a "MythBusters" marathon this
> afternoon onto 3 DVD's.  I'd like to be able to convert them into video
> files
> I can save on my hard disk, but I'm not quite sure how.  Any suggestions?
> And just to be clear in case any MPAA lawyers are lurking on the list:
> there
> are PLENTY of uses for such recordings that fall within "fair use", not
> the
> least of which is the ability to play them on a laptop without draining my
> battery (a 2.5" internal hard disk uses far less power than a DVD drive).

Damn, I missed that. Did get the movie madness 2 hour stint a week or so
ago though. Wanna trade?

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