[NBLUG/talk] memory leaks

Christopher Wagner waggie at waggie.net
Fri Aug 31 20:37:59 PDT 2007

David Rosenstrauch wrote:
> William Tracy wrote:
>> On 8/30/07, calvin166 at pseudoweb.net <calvin166 at pseudoweb.net> wrote:
>>> Maybe this is obvious to everyone else and I'm just noticing, but does it
>>> seem to you guys that people are either a) not taking a proactive enough
>>> approach towards foss and/or b) willing to deal with more bugs/complain
>>> less about something they got for free?
>> Well, how many people do you see actually taking action against the
>> bugs in Windows? Microsoft even provides a helpful automatic crash
>> report tool ... and over half the people I've seen click cancel every
>> time.
>> Conclusion: People just don't care.
> I disagree there.  IMO the correct conclusions are: 1) people who are 
> not tech-savvy don't understand what the feature is and fear it and so 
> choose to not send the bug reports, and 2) people who are tech-savvy 
> don't trust Microsoft enough to press a "send all kinds of private info 
> and we're not even going to disclose what" button.
To be fair, the bug reporting tool that Microsoft uses does offer to the
user the option to see precisely what is sent to Microsoft.  Gnome also
has a bug reporting tool built-in, as does many other pieces of software
out there.  I believe the barrier is not that people don't care, but
mostly that they're lazy..  I will openly admit that if it's not a
problem that's actually prohibiting me from simply re-opening the
application and continuing my work, I am simply too lazy to go through
the motions of the bug report.  Also, if a newly installed application
doesn't work without major tinkering, I usually move on to an
application that does work without lots of tinkering about.

- Chris

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