[NBLUG/talk] Linux Questions for next month's talk

S. Saunders sms at sonic.net
Fri Mar 2 10:03:28 PST 2007

On Thu, March 1, 2007 20:04, Kyle Rankin wrote:

> ... we thought it might be a good idea to aim the meeting
> towards getting started with Linux...

> ... we thought it might work out better if we have people
> submit Linux questions to this thread, and then we will
> pick and answer some of the questions at the general meeting.
> We want this talk to aim towards those who are new to Linux,
> ideally someone who might have signed up for the Installfest or
> who is interested in Linux but isn't sure they are ready to take
> the plunge yet. This is the sort of talk to invite your non-Linux-using
> friends to. We are looking for questions geared more toward
> starting with Linux and possibly some pitfalls you would like help
> figuring out, especially with Linux on the desktop.
> If you do have a Linux question you would like us to discuss in the talk,
> please reply to this thread with the question. Or otherwise if you would
> like to submit a question anonymously, just email me directly.

Well... what do most folks *use* their computers for, anyhow?  What do
they have loaded on them?

Websurfing.  So, cover Firefox (& other open-source Linux browsers).
What are the differences?  Advantages/disadvantages of each?

E-Mail.  Hit Evolution, Thunderbird, and others.

Gaming.  What are the coolest Linux games in FPS, strategic, & arcade
styles?  3-5 of each, maybe, with 1/2 to 1 minute of each on-screen time.

Education & "edutainment" -- lots of parents of kids out there.  Are they
to be thrown from the sleigh, to feed the Wolves of Microsoft?

SOHO & Telecommute -- Business-oriented software; how to open and save
MS-Word compatible doc's, MS-Excel spreadsheets, Visio diagrams, etc. 
VPN's, fax-from-desktop, and the rest of the "business executive"

Firewalls, antivirus, etc.  A necessity these days, even on *NIX.  Which
are the easiest to set up and maintain?

- Steve

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