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Ryan Perigo rperigo at gmail.com
Tue Mar 6 10:53:07 PST 2007

I think there are many more that are in the same position. A Gnu/Linux user
must learn to love newsgroups, forums, tutorials and of course google
searches. I for one would love to have someone show me an easy way to do all
this software/driver stuff.


On 3/6/07, dogstar <dogstar at pacific.net> wrote:
> I'd like to learn about installing Linux applications.
> I can install Linux... these days it often installs itself.  What's
> holding me
> back from a Microsoft-free computing environment is lack of applications.
> Music processing would be an example - CD ripping, burning, etc.
> I can put Linux - say Debian or Knoppix - on my HP laptop, although I
> can't
> make the built in wireless work.  Would it be appropriate for the install
> fest
> to work on installing one or more applications?  Will there be facilities
> for
> downloading?  I'd like to become familiar with the process.
> Comments requested.
> Thanks from Marty Kamp.
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