[NBLUG/talk] FW: Update Fedora Core 6 to 2.6.20

howardas at pacbell.net howardas at pacbell.net
Fri Mar 23 17:26:56 PDT 2007

Oops, that was last week.

So I guess the question is, is there a known problem with this

kernel version??


I can always just stick with the 2.6.18 version for now.




BTW: Here's the hardware


Pretty Basic

Desktop: Asus P4P800V Mobo

Pentium 4, 2.4 mhz Processor

ATI 9600XT Video 128mb

Basic Hard Drives, Seagate 120 gig, WD 13 gig

HP 9500 CDRW 

Toshiba DVD ROM

Adaptec 2940 UW SCSI



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Subject: Update Fedora Core 6 to 2.6.20


I selected update packages, and took the default settings to update all the
listed packages.


On reboot and trying the 2.6.20 I'm getting a system panic error and also

cannot find root=/dev/root


I booted the 2.6.18 kernel and looked at grub.conf to see how the pathing to

2.6.20 was compared to the 2.6.18 kernel. 


Not much difference. So I'm thinking could some body maybe help me with this

at the Install Fest.



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