[NBLUG/talk] Office package for Linux & Apple environs?

Edward roble at sonic.net
Thu Mar 29 13:32:55 PDT 2007

My wife and I are looking for an office package for the Linux and Apple 
environments. We are thinking about either Open Office or Star Office. 
Does anyone here know of or recommend other alternatives? We know that 
Open Office is a free, open source software and that Sun sells their 
Star Office for $70 if you download it from their site instead of buying 
the CD. Any comments here? Other worthwhile office packages?

Also, we recently bought an iMac laptop and we don't want to contaminate 
it with the MicroCrap office suite. But the problem is that Sun does not 
make a version of Star Office for the Apple environment. We are weary of 
installing Open Office in our Apple laptop because there are occasional 
problems with it that you don't get with Star Office but at least it 
will work in a Mac environ. Any suggestions here?

We are happy with our new laptop but now we are feeling screwed over 
because of this issue regarding office applications. What good is the 
computer if you can't do anything with it? I know that's an exaggeration 
but it's very true as far as this particular problem is concerned.

Any and all comments greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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