[NBLUG/talk] Office package for Linux & Apple environs?

Eric Skagerberg eric at skagerberg.com
Fri Mar 30 07:32:58 PDT 2007

At 03:19 PM 2007-03-29 -0700, William Tracy wrote:

>OpenOffice.org on Linux, NeoOffice on OS X. (There's some weird
>internal politics keeping OpenOffice.org proper from creating a good
>OS X version.)

"Weird internal politics"?  That got my attention!  Like what?  And where should I look to find out more?

This sort of stuff is always great to share when teaching a class -- wakes 'em up!  I include a section on OpenOffice in my upcoming brief "Sending Files by Web" course.

And thanks for the tip about NeoOffice.  After I incorporated a new Mac into my home network, I installed OpenOffice, but I wouldn't want to inflict its X11 installation requirement on Mac novices...

Best wishes,
Eric S.

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