[NBLUG/talk] [WLUG] Very slow internal website on my home computer

Rick Green rtg at aapsc.com
Sun Apr 13 20:30:53 PDT 2008

On Sun, 13 Apr 2008, Jack Smith wrote:

> I have a website set up on my home computer.  Until recently, I used a
> Linksys router connected to a Comcast cable modem and had fairly fast access
> to my home website.  Something went wrong with the router and I pulled it
> out of my intranet and used an old Netgear MR814v2 wireless router instead.
> I forwarded port 80 to my home computer's internal address and tried
> bringing up the website using the wireless router's external address and the
> results are dead slow.  Really, really slow.  Using my computer's internal
> address it's super fast and using the external address with the Linksys
> router was quite fast too (though I haven't tried it in a month or so).
> Access to the Internet through either my twisted pair or my daughter's
> wireless connection is fast.
  This is what is termed 'Reflective NAT': Accessing an internal machine 
from within the LAN by it's external IP address.  Not all routers handle 
it well.
   When you say that text pages are fast, and images are slow, it sounds to 
me like your router isn't doing the reflective NAT itself, but instead is 
passing the request on to Comcast's gateway, which then says 'Silly 
Rabbit, ...' and passes the packet right back to you.  Thus, your slow 
image loading is due to the fact that those large image files are being 
passed upstream over the much smaller asymmetrical cable link.

   I suspect your external users are getting the same slow image loading.

Rick Green

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