[NBLUG/talk] .ORG pavillion opening at OSCON!

nbs nbs at sonic.net
Thu Jul 16 12:25:31 PDT 2009

Surprise news just came in!  There is now a booth available in the
.ORG pavillion at OSCON next week.  I've been asked if we (the LUGs of the
area) are still interested in the space.

The booth already has carpet, one counter and a stool.  May at O'Reilly
tells me: "All you would need is electricity and internet."

Despite the 20 minutes I've spent just now ;^)... I really don't have time
to organize this, esp. on such short notice.  (I'll be gone all weekend,
half of which will be Community Leadership Conference.)  And I've barely got
the time to make OSCON for the one day I was planning on going, as it is!

I've just emailed the originally list of volunteers (see them at:
http://www.lugod.org/projects/oscon/ towards the bottom), to see if any
of them want to take the reigns.  In the meantime, I figured I'd let
_all_ of the LUGs know what's going on -- including the ones I didn't
get ahold of until we were in the middle of constructing the LUG flyer/map.

Email me off-list (or, at the least, Cc me so I'm certain catch it!) if you
can help out in any way.  Especially if you want to take over the
organizational role! :^)

PS - Repeat note from all of my previous blasts:
     I'm sending this to either the discussion mailing list, or whatever
     contact email address I could find via your LUG's website.
     Feel free to pass this along as you see fit!

Bill Kendrick
root at lugod.org
Linux Users' Group of Davis

(Your address: talk at nblug.org )

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