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Mon Nov 29 16:44:12 PST 2010

it doesn't allow exporting any graphics, it's a terminal only.

I'd recommend installing cygwin on the Windows PC. It's more complicated to get running, but you get
an X server so you can import graphical applications to your windows
deskdtop from linux.

Try and get those things working for a start.  You can get fancier after

There are a number of remote desktop type applications, but for linux
the most common is one of the VNC programs like realvnc or tightvnc.
(They are compatible with each other).  Install the server on the home
machine and the client on the PC (linux or windows).  It isn't secure to
run this directly over the internet, so you need to tunnel it thru ssh
(log in with ssh and export the display back).  Ubuntu comes with a
remote desktop application which is VNC, you just have to enable it
(system -> preferences -> remote desktop).  VNC uses port 5900/tcp for
the native desktop (but do NOT forward that thru your router, you don't
want that exposed on the open internet).

If your comast hsi is 4MB uplink you will find accessing your home
desktop remotely is very very slow.  Importing a desktop to my home
machine on a 20MB download link is tolorable for limited use, but I
still do whatever I can with ssh terminals.


   E Frank Ball                frankb at

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