[NBLUG/talk] dd_rescue help

Howard Schnirman howardas at pacbell.net
Wed Feb 16 10:58:39 PST 2011

I've been running dd_recue on a notebook sata 160gb drive attached by USB case. dd_rescue has been running for over 24hrs. But I have a feeling that I should halt the program because errs and bad blocks are the same, and the far right says succxfer 0.0K%. So it basically looks like the whole drive is toast and dd_recue is skipping everything.

Can some one confirm for me that this process thus is useless for my drive.
One more thing Disk Utility in Ubuntu is showing the drive as a 2.2 TB drive.
Can that be the problem or is there any way to fix this. 

I'm close to doing the last resort of the old freezer bag trick I've read some where on line.


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