[NBLUG/talk] dd_rescue help

David Rosenstrauch darose at darose.net
Wed Feb 16 12:56:54 PST 2011

I used ddrescue on a drive recently.  I followed the instructions at 
which instruct you to run it 3 times, with varying levels of recovery 
enabled.  It was able recover most of my disk, but had something like 28 
unrecoverable errors, totaling several hundred K of unrecoverable data.

This was the vast majority of the contents of the drive, but it was a 
boot disk, not a data disk, and the drive still wasn't able to boot 
(into Windows) afterwards.  I wound up having to do a repair re-install, 
and that finally fixed everything.

That said, though, I'm still quite pleased with the performance of the 
ddrescue utility.



On 02/16/2011 01:58 PM, Howard Schnirman wrote:
> I've been running dd_recue on a notebook sata 160gb drive attached by
> USB case. dd_rescue has been running for over 24hrs. But I have a
> feeling that I should halt the program because errs and bad blocks
> are the same, and the far right says succxfer 0.0K%. So it basically
> looks like the whole drive is toast and dd_recue is skipping
> everything.
> Can some one confirm for me that this process thus is useless for my
> drive. One more thing Disk Utility in Ubuntu is showing the drive as
> a 2.2 TB drive. Can that be the problem or is there any way to fix
> this.
> I'm close to doing the last resort of the old freezer bag trick I've
> read some where on line.
> Howard

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